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[Denton business directory and advertisements]

Description: This card contains advertisements for early Denton commerce. The advertisements include banks, saloons, grocers, drug stores, hardware stores, galleries, hotels, restaurants, and feed stores.
Date: unknown

[Denton County Fair and Blooded Stock Association 1899]

Description: This Denton County Fair and Blooded Stock Association program includes a schedule of events and races during September 12-16, 1899. The program also contains advertisements for various fair attractions and businesses in Denton including shoe stores, furniture stores, grocers, confectioneries, butcher shops, launderers, hotels, barbers, restaurants, gun stores, and drug stores.
Date: 1899

Oak Grove Church, Nearly Century Old, Stirs Memories

Description: Newspaper clipping regarding the Little Church in the Valley in Oak Grove, Texas. Photograph of the bridge across Little Elm Creek between Lloyd and Alec Bush's Store.
Date: 1953-03-05~
Creator: Wooley, Pauline

Old Alton Baptist Church

Description: Three newspaper clippings provide information regarding the Old Alton Baptist Church of Denton County, Texas. A photograph of the church building and a photograph of a choir are also included.
Date: 1960-04-25~

Search For John B. Denton's Body

Description: Denton Record-Chronicle newspaper clipping describing the search for John B. Denton's body and the funeral services held at the Denton Courthouse in November 1901 in Denton, Texas. A 1900 Record-Chronicle ad helped find the grave. A photograph of John B. Denton's memorial marker at the Denton Courthouse is included.
Date: unknown

City Passed Hat to Get TSCW

Description: Newspaper clipping describing the formation of Texas State College for Women, now known as Texas Woman's University, in Denton, Texas circa 1903. Photographs of the Old Main Building and Cree T. Work are also included.
Date: unknown

The Storm King

Description: A storm destroys buildings and damages others on April 12, 1877. Details of the storm damage and information about the Denton Monitor are also included.
Date: 1877~
Creator: Geers, C.W.

Egan, Armie B. - Obituary, April, 1876

Description: Obituary for Armie B. Egan, who died on the 11th of April, 1876 at the age of 22. Armie was the brother of the Sheriff of Denton County at that time. He was buried at the Odd Fellows' Cemetery.
Date: unknown

[Denton County Officers and Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Button, Sr.]

Description: Photograph of George and Sarah Button of Little Elm, Texas. Mr. Button was Justice of Peace and owner of a harness, saddle, and shoe repair business in Little Elm. A list of some Denton County officers from 1848-1955 is also included.
Date: 1900?/1914?

Bedridden Boy Still In School

Description: Newspaper clipping and photo regarding Larry Wayne Shell, a third-grader at Little Elm School. Larry broke his leg and was forced to stay at home. His family installed an intercom wire between the school and his room, so he could participate in the lessons. Mrs. Harmon was his teacher.
Date: February 17, 1963
Creator: Burlage, George

Denton County's Second Bridge Holds Its Own

Description: Photograph and newspaper clipping of the 1,041-foot bridge across Garza-Little Elm Reservoir on Farm RD 720. The bridge is near inundation due to high lake waters. Newspaper clippings regarding the affect of high lake waters on Little Elm are also included.
Date: 1957?

First Stewart's Creek Church

Description: Photograph of several unidentified men and a horse and buggy standing around the First Stewart's Creek Church. A photograph of the church as it appears today in Lewsiville is also included.
Date: 1963?
Creator: Denton Record-Chronicle

First National In Sanger Expands Services, Staff

Description: C. H. Easley, president of First National Bank in Sanger, initiated new and better service to his customers in 1963. He also made various improvements to the bank.
Date: 1963?
Creator: Denton Record-Chronicle

Looking Back

Description: Three Sanger Courier newspaper clippings regarding the grading of main street in 1892, a tornado that damages Sanger in 1895, and a Sanger fire in 1909. Mr. N. P. Kirkland and family are pictured.
Date: 1963

Denton County Courthouse, 1876 to 1894

Description: The first Denton County Courthouse was believed to have been burned in an act of arson in 1875. The second County Courthouse was built in 1876 and lasted until 1894 when lightning struck it. A photograph of the second courthouse included.
Date: February 3, 1957

Crowd Waited For Flash--'War Over'

Description: Denton Record-Chronicle newspaper clipping describing the celebration of Denton's citizens after the news of the signed armistice that ended World War I on November 11, 1918. The clipping includes a photograph of fireworks lighting up the Denton County Courthouse.
Date: unknown

Host Of Prizes Won By Flour Mill

Description: Two newspaper clippings describe the multitude of prizes won by Alliance Milling Co., now Morrison Milling Co. of Denton, beginning with an award at the 1888 World's Centennial Exposition in Paris. A photograph of the mill in 1946 is included.
Date: unknown
Creator: Edwards, Will

Bridges Settlement Probably First Community In County

Description: Three newspaper clipping provide a brief history of the early settlements in Denton County, including the Bridges Settlement. The clippings also include photos of Hebron Baptist Church and the last standing cotton gin in Hebron circa 1963.
Date: 1963~
Creator: Denton Record-Chronicle