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Pilot Point Depot

Description: Interior view of the Pilot Point Depot. Fred Wiggs is in the foreground and Noah Wiggs is sitting on the desk; the other two men in the photo are unidentified. A Texaco calendar on the wall on the right side of the room shows the month and year to be May of 1919. To the right, a bicycle pump sits atop a notebook on a counter next to a glass insulator that holds down a stack of papers.
Date: 1919-(05)~-11

Pilot Point Fire Department

Description: Pilot Point fire department with two fire trucks in front of the fire house. Pictured in the photo are: Speck Barton, Dr. Hawley, Bill Miller, Earl Selz, Halford Russell, J. D. Elder, Fred Hayden, Mark Wylie, Foutch (first name unknown), Byron Moffitt, Fred Wilson, Walter Wenckens, Hugh Dunn, and Leo Selz.
Date: 1915?
Creator: Eschenbaum

Interior View of Beyette's Shoe Store

Description: Interior view of Beyette's Shoe Store located on the east side of the Denton Square. The man on the left is identified as Paul Beyette, while the man on the right and the men in the far back are unidentified. In the center of the foreground is a glass display case with ties. The walls on either side of the store are lined with shelves which are filled with shoes.
Date: 1910

Decatur Highway Underpass

Description: Decatur Highway underpass below the Santa Fe Railroad. The road is unpaved and right before the underpass, in the distance, two unidentified men are visible standing on either side of an automobile. The highway still exists and the present-day location of the underpass is now called 11614 Jim Christal Rd., Krum, Texas.
Date: 1913

Interior View of the Denton County Clerk's Office

Description: Interior view of the Denton county clerk's office. Pictured are two women and two men; the county clerk is identified as Abney Ivey. On the wall behind the man on the left is a calendar from 1917 and it is open to the month of August. A black-and-white poster of President Woodrow Wilson is on the opposite wall along with a 1909-1910 Texas Fee Bill which gave the allowable fees for tax collector's to collect on delinquent taxes.
Date: 1917~

[Wiggs Family Portrait]

Description: Group portrait of the Wiggs family on the porch of a white frame house behind a white metal fence. Pictured are: Rua Wiggs, Ava Ida, Grace, Fred and his Wife, Lou, Mrs. Z. Wiggs, Noah, Z. Wiggs, Walter and his wife, Anna. The three unidentified childrn are Ida's sons and daughter.
Date: 1912

[Z. Wiggs' Crew Building a Bridge]

Description: Z. Wiggs' crew building a bridge on Justin, Ponder, Krum Road located south of present-day Highway 380 between the Santa Fe railroad overpass and Ponder. "The Justin-Ponder-Krum Road in 1913 being graveled, having bridge built by the Z. Wiggs crew. This bridge is South of the present day state highway 380 between the Santa Fe Overpass & Ponder"
Date: 1913

Denton County Clerk's Office

Description: Interior view of the Denton county clerk's office. Four men and five women are pictured sitting at or standing around desks, all are unidentified. On the right-hand wall hangs a World War I Red Cross poster that says, Have You Answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call? The poster was illustrated by Harrison Fisher in 1918; the Roll Call took place from Dec. 16th - 23rd.
Date: 1919?