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Natives of the Confederate States of America

Description: Photograph of an organization known as "Natives of the Confederate States of America" of Denton, Texas in 1936. The men and women are posing outside and wearing suits and dresses. A caption identifying the members and organization is included.
Date: May 16, 1936
Item Type: Photograph

F. M. Bralley Library (1935)

Description: The F. M. Bralley Library of Texas State College for Women is visible in the background through trees. In the foreground, some women are sitting on benches beside a waterway.
Date: c. 1935
Item Type: Photograph

North Texas Administration Building

Description: Entrance to the administration building on the North Texas State College campus. The entrance is bounded on both sides by trees and bushes.
Date: c. 1932
Creator: Carruth Studio
Item Type: Photograph

Eagle Park Bleachers at the North Texas State College

Description: View of the field bleachers at Eagle Park at North Texas State College. Trees dot the foreground and tall, electric lights line the edges of the playing area. The field was constructed in 1913, and in 1927 steel stands were constructed to seat 2,200 on the west side of the field. The football field was part of "Eagle Park."
Date: c. 1935
Item Type: Photograph

W. J. McConnell

Description: President W. J. McConnell signing a document with a fountain pen while seated behind a desk in a dark suit. McConnell was the president of North Texas State College starting in 1935. A Royal typewriter is on the desk to the left of the image and a hat on the right.
Date: c. 1935
Item Type: Photograph

Old Timers Celebrate Fritz's Birthday

Description: The caption reads: Old Timers Celebrate Fritz's Birthday. These 14 old timers of Denton were photographed at a party celebrating Dr. E. W. Fritz's 84th birthday. They are, back row, left to right, Noah Batis, farmer; Mrs. J. W. Underwood; Mrs. F. E. Piner, wife of an early judge; Mrs. Ida Williams, whose husband was an early photographer; Mrrs. A. J. Kittrell, wife of an early cattleman; Mrs. J. S. Chapman, wife of a mining operator; Mrs. T. A. Robinson, wife of a cotton buyer, and Mrs. Cora Elliott, dressmaker. Front row, left to right, J. W. Shaw, a photographer, Dr. Fritz; Charles Wilkins, ranchmans; J. C. Parr, farmer, Mrs. C. C. Bell, and C. C. Bell, a farmer. (photo courtesy of Sam Fritz)
Date: May 23, 1930
Item Type: Photograph

Front of Marquis Hall with Two Superimposed Portraits

Description: Exterior view of the front of Marquis Hall on the North Texas State College Campus. Collaged onto the photograph in the upper right and bottom left corners are portraits of President W. J. McConnell and former president, R. L. Marquis.
Date: c. 1935
Item Type: Photograph

Man standing in front of car

Description: Photograph of a man wearing a necktie standing in front of a car in Glen Rose, Texas around July in 1938. The car has a North Texas State Technical College Eagles sticker attached to the windshield.
Date: c. 1938-07
Item Type: Photograph

[Letter to Record-Chronicle from Mrs. W. B. Chambers]

Description: Letter to the Record-Chronicle newspaper in Denton, Texas from the Library Extension Committee of the Denton County Council of Parents and Teachers. The letter contains information about a traveling library that was created to provide books to rural schools.
Date: May 15, 1935
Creator: Denton County Council of P.T.A.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter to Mrs. Chambers from Texas State Library]

Description: Letter from Edwin Sue Goree, field worker of Texas State Library, to Mrs. W. B. Chambers, Chair of Library Club, Denton County Council, P.T.A., regarding the procurement of school books. Goree replied that the Texas State Library was not able to loan books or further assistance at present but suggested establishing a Denton county library.
Date: September 14, 1934
Creator: Goree, Edwin Sue
Item Type: Letter

Six pages from journal of Julia Williams, 1933

Description: Entries from Julie Williams's journal dating from June 4, 1933 to July 20, 1933. Some of the entries are written on stationary from the Williams Store in Denton, Texas.
Date: c. 1933-06-04
Creator: Williams, Julie
Item Type: Text

Unidentified Group

Description: Unidentified group of two men and fourteen women pose for a picture on the steps of a building. A small banner held by two of the women reads "Fidelis 1935-36."
Date: 1936
Item Type: Photograph

[Original F. M. Bralley Library of TSCW]

Description: Photograph of F. M. Bralley Library of Texas State College for Women, now known as Texas Woman's University. The building was opened in 1927. A stream and bridge are visible in front of the library. The library has four columns with Ionian capitals and a bell tower on the roof.
Date: c. 1935
Item Type: Photograph

Revised Charter of the City of Denton, Texas

Description: Revised Charter of the City of Denton, Texas as adopted April 4, 1914 with amendments to August, 1934. The front cover contains an illustration of Denton city hall.
Date: June 1934
Creator: Gambill, R. B.
Item Type: Book

[Pamphlet for "Follow Thru" Motion Picture]

Description: Pamphlet for a Paramount Picture musical called "Follow Thru," with Charles Rogers and Nancy Carroll, produced by Schwab and Mandel. On the back is an advertisement for The C. I. A. (College of Industrial Arts) Beauty Shop.
Date: 1930
Item Type: Text