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[Scrapbook Page: Denton Graduates and Pioneer Citizens Clippings]

Description: Scrapbook page with a number of newspaper clippings and a photograph, near the top. In the image, a group of women are gathered together; information below the photo says: "'Sillies' Denton High School 1916." and also identifies the persons who are pictured. Newspaper clippings discuss (counterclockwise) the Denton High School commencement speaker -- Charles I. Francis -- for the 1916 graduates; information about the 59 seniors graduating from Denton High school in 1916; an account of the Denton High School graduation in 1900; and the honorees for Denton's Centennial Pioneer Recognition and Homecoming Day.
Date: unknown

[Scrapbook Page: Denton Properties]

Description: Scrapbook page featuring photographs of three buildings in Denton, Texas with a label that says "Three of the Properties Denton is Buying For Site Of New Civic Center." The images are (left-to-right, clockwise): a wooden building with a multi-story store front labeled "One of the Old Buildings at Civic Center Site: This One To Be Torn Down"; a one-story house with wooden siding labeled "Dwelling on McKinney Street: This Lot Joins Present City Garage"; and several buildings behind a driveway and partially obscured by trees, labeled "Oakland Street Purchase: One Of Three Bought For County Building."
Date: unknown

[Scrapbook Page: First Baptist Church, Denton]

Description: Scrapbook page with several clippings about First Baptist Church in Denton, Texas. The story in the upper right part of the page has an image of the original First Baptist church building (which burned) and the article discusses the centennial celebrations to honor the founding of the church. A newspaper clipping on the left side of the page discusses a Sunday School class at the church made up of students who cannot speak or hear and has a photograph of the teachers and students. At the bottom of the page, there is a color photograph of the church building with the message "Welcome to the church with a gospel program that is Christ centered, Bible based, and life related."
Date: unknown

[Scrapbook Page: Chain Gangs]

Description: Scrapbook page with a photograph of several men standing in a loose semi-circle, with two hounds in the foreground. Horses hitched to wagons are visible in the background. A handwritten note below the image says "About 60 yrs ago, people who were picked up and put in jail worked their fines out by working on the roads. They were chained together while they worked. And bloodhounds were carried along. (This picture brot. [sic] by the "Rose Twins" Bertie & Myrtle (1960)."
Date: unknown

[Scrapbook Page: City of Denton 1961]

Description: Scrapbook page that contains a copy of the City of Denton, Texas annual report for1961 (top) and a newspaper clipping at the bottom of the page advertising the Jagoe Abstract Co. The annual report includes highlights of the city council and public safety, public works, utilities, parks/recreation, and sanitation departments as well as an overall summary of funding. The advertisement has the title "106 Years of Continuous Service to Denton" and has a photograph of J. W. Jagoe as well as brief information about the company.
Date: unknown

[Scrapbook Page: Denton Churches]

Description: Scrapbook page with several newspaper clippings about churches in Denton, Texas. At the top of the page, a diamond-shaped clipping has an image of a church building and says "Rally Day Sunday October 20" (left) next to an article about the construction of First Methodist Church and how they acquired the property for their location. In the center of the page, there is a photograph of two large buildings on a street, with the label "First Methodist Church." At the bottom of the page, there is a photograph of an L-shaped church building with the caption "The Asbury Methodist Church - 1919 North Elm St."
Date: unknown

[Scrapbook Page: Denton Citizens]

Description: Scrapbook page containing four photographs with text labels. At the top of the page, a man and woman are standing on the front porch of a home with a spotted dog; the label below says "Luther Lambert and wife." On the left side of the page, there is a photograph of a man (Tony Robinson) standing in front of a shoe-shine station where several clients are seated; a newspaper clipping below gives a brief biography of Robinson. On the right side is a photograph of an unidentified man in a fenced yard, paired with an image at the bottom of the page of a one-story wooden building with a stone chimney on the side; the label for the photos says "John Dunn's Home on McKinney Street."
Date: unknown

[Scrapbook Page: Denton Golden Anniversary Class]

Description: Scrapbook page containing a newspaper clipping that includes an image of the 1903 Denton High School Diploma and caption text below, which says: "DHS Golden Anniversary Class -- Graduates of Denton High School in 1903 received a diploma complete with a picture of the class. The diploma is the only one known which has a picture of the entire graduating class. Graduates are seated, left to right, Bessie Edwards (now of College Station), the late Silas Fry, Bessie Hogue (now of Dallas) and George Hopkins Sr., of Denton. Standing, left to right, the late W. H. Francis Gretna Cobbs (now Mrs. H. L. Davis of Midway, Ky.), the late Mat Davenport and the late Blanch Hoskins.
Date: unknown

[Scout Troop Calendar and Scrapbook Page]

Description: Calendar page labeled "November 1959" with handwritten notes regarding the activities of a Denton Girl Scout troop, including meetings on Tuesday and a "Play Day" on Saturday the 21st. The back of the page includes a handwritten description of the Play Day event and three photographs which show a large group of children playing various games outside several large, brick buildings on the North Texas State College campus.
Date: 1959-11~

[Scrapbook Page: Brownie Investiture]

Description: Scrapbook page with information about the investiture ceremony held by Brownie Girl Scout Troop #74 in Denton, Texas. It includes a small newspaper clipping and a handwritten note discribing the event above a photograph of the girls. In the image, the girls are wearing their uniforms and are seated in a semi-circle in a classroom. Large posters with the Girl Scout and Brownie symbols are behind them and chalkboards are visible on the walls. A handwritten note at the bottom of the page identifies the girls, left to right: Darby, Jamie, Joyce, Dorothy, Adele, Linda, Patty, Debbie, and Debra.
Date: 1958~

[Scrapbook Page: Play Day, 1960]

Description: Scrapbook page containing four photographs of children participating in events during "Play Day" held at on the North Texas State College campus. The children are in a large grassy area and several buildings are visible in the background. In most of the images, children are standing in groups or lines for various activities; in the lower-right corner, the children are seated in the grass and several adults are standing on a raised tower in front of them. A handwritten note in the center of the page says, "Play Day - 1960 Denton, TX UNT Campus."
Date: 1960~
Location Info:

Search For John B. Denton's Body

Description: Denton Record-Chronicle newspaper clipping describing the search for John B. Denton's body and the funeral services held at the Denton Courthouse in November 1901 in Denton, Texas. A 1900 Record-Chronicle ad helped find the grave. A photograph of John B. Denton's memorial marker at the Denton Courthouse is included.
Date: unknown

Sheriff and Mrs. Pat Gallagher

Description: Photograph of Sheriff and Mrs. Pat Gallagher and Denton Record-Chronicle clipping describing Sheriff Wylie Barnes's recovery of loot from a burglary of Beasley's Jewelry Store in Lewisville, Texas in 1962. A Photograph of Wylie Barnes is included.
Date: 1962?
Creator: Denton Record-Chronicle