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[Post Card from Bettie to Hallie Thurman]

Description: Post card containing letter from Bettie to Miss Hallie Thurman of Denton, Texas. The post card was processed in Ft. Worth, Texas on April 2, 1909. The front of the post card contains a photograph of a house with wood siding and a porch with columns. A brick chimney is visible on the rear of the house.
Date: c. 1909-04-02

[Workers in an unidentified butcher shop]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified man and boy working in a butcher shop. The man is working with a rack of ribs, and the boy is holding a knife at another workstation. More large pieces of meat are hung in the background. In front of the men, a cashier is located on a counter, and two scales hang above the counter top.
Date: unknown