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Aerial View of Denton

Description: Aerial view of Denton with Texas Woman's University visible in the right foreground.
Date: c. 1973

[Catholic Church on Elm Street]

Description: Photograph of a Catholic Church on Elm Street in Denton, Texas. A statue is installed on the front wall of the brick building. The roof extends into an awning on the left side of the building, and on the right side of the building five vertical strips of stained-glass windows are installed.
Date: c. 1978-04

Denton High School Class of '42 Reunion

Description: Denton High School 30-year class reunion of the 1942 class. Those identified are: George Hopkins, Bill Cromer, Margie Lynn Brooks, Cara Boswell, Fred Slach, Zeke Martin, Colin McSween, Jane Jagoe Stabile, Lanell White Little, John Waldrip, Jack Bayless.
Date: July 15, 1972

[Fire Station No. 1]

Description: Photograph of Fire Station Number 1. The station has a garage with three doors. Three firetrucks are parked inside the garage
Date: 1978-04~

[First Baptist Church, Malone St.]

Description: Photograph of First Baptist Church of Denton, Texas on Malone Street. The church consists of several buildings, and its steeple reaches high into the sky. An American flag is erected in the front lawn of the church.
Date: 1978-04~
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[First Christian Church. 1978]

Description: Photograph of First Christian Church in Denton, Texas. The brick building is surrounded by several bushes and a wooden fence. The high, steep roof of the building is white.
Date: 1978-04~
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[Flowers and benches at TWU]

Description: Photograph of a sidewalk, flowers, trees, and benches on the Texas Woman's University campus. The side of an unidentified brick building is also partially visible.
Date: c. 1978-04

[Illuminated fountain at TWU]

Description: Photograph of fountain at Texas Woman's University. The fountain's edge is lined by faucets shooting water above the fountain. There are also lights illuminating the fountain.
Date: c. 1978-04

[JCPenney at Denton Center in Denton, Texas]

Description: This photograph is of a parking lot in front of JCPenney, located in the far east end of the Denton Center in Denton, Texas. Several streetlights illuminate the parking lot. A truck, car, and unidentified person are seen in the lot.
Date: 1978-04~

[Night scene of Denton County Courthouse in Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Denton County Courthouse located in the square of Denton, Texas. Several cars are parked around the courthouse. The clock in the tower of the courthouse is illuminated with red light.
Date: 1978-04~
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Puppets at the Denton Public Library

Description: Vicki Bleick, children's librarian, and Barbara Stevens, reference librarian, showing puppets at the Denton Public Library. They are holding up a poster which says: "Take a Giant Step Sponsored cooperatively by your library and the Texas State Library" On the floor in the bottom right corner of the image the top half of the cover of the children's book "That Cat!" is visible.
Date: c. 1974