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[ABC Belles singing]

Description: In March of 1957, the ABC Belles entertained other Belle chapters, Brothers of the Brush and the public with a singsong at the city hall. About 300 attended.
Date: March 1957

Abe Scott farm near Lloyd

Description: Photograph of L. T. Fox, J. C. Coyt, Jim Christal, and A. L. Scott standing in Abe Scott's cotton farm near Lloyd, an early community in Denton County, Texas.
Date: unknown

Acme Brick Company

Description: Close-up of bricks and kilns at the Acme Brick Company's plant on the south side of Denton. Factory buildings are visible in the background.
Date: unknown

[Actors performing in front of a cityscape drama set]

Description: Eight actors perform on stage in front of a cityscape set. A man and a woman hold hands by the door of a brick building on stage left. Two men with hats stand center stage. A homeless man lies by a shanty on stage right. Two men talk on far stage right.
Date: unknown

[Administration Building and flagpole at Texas Woman's University]

Description: The Administration Building of Texas Woman's University is shown surrounded by trees and a well-manicured lawn. An American flag is flying at full mast on a flagpole in front of the building. A partially constructed building is visible behind the Administration Building.
Date: unknown
Creator: Carruth Studio

Aerial view of Chilton Hall, NTSTC, Denton, TX c. 1944

Description: Photograph of Chilton Hall of North Texas State Technical College in Denton, Texas. Glider Pilot School was held at Hartlee Field and the headquarters was located in Chilton Hall. The photograph also contains other NTSTC buildings.
Date: 1944~
Creator: Todd, George

[Aerial View of Denton]

Description: Aerial view of Denton, Texas with Texas Woman's University visible in the right foreground.
Date: 1973~

[Aerial view of Denton High School]

Description: Aerial photograph of Denton High School in Texas. The school consists of several buildings. A few cars are parked in the lot and street beside the school.
Date: unknown

[Aerial view of Denton Square]

Description: Aerial photograph of the square in Denton, Texas. The courthouse is visible in the center of the photograph.
Date: unknown
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