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Aerial view of Chilton Hall, NTSTC, Denton, TX c. 1944

Description: Photograph of Chilton Hall of North Texas State Technical College in Denton, Texas. Glider Pilot School was held at Hartlee Field and the headquarters was located in Chilton Hall. The photograph also contains other NTSTC buildings.
Date: 1944~
Creator: Todd, George

[Aerial View of Denton]

Description: Aerial view of Denton, Texas with Texas Woman's University visible in the right foreground.
Date: 1973~

[Aerial view of Denton Center]

Description: Aerial photograph of Hwy 380, University Dr. and the Denton Center business area. Photograph taken looking Northeast.
Date: 1966
Creator: Haskins, Squire

[Aerial view of Denton High School]

Description: Aerial photograph of Denton High School in Texas. The school consists of several buildings. A few cars are parked in the lot and street beside the school.
Date: unknown

[Aerial view of Denton Square]

Description: Aerial photograph of the square in Denton, Texas. The courthouse is visible in the center of the photograph.
Date: unknown
Location Info: