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[Carolyn Janice Killingsworth]

Description: City of Denton employee Janice Carolyn Killingsworth (Mrs. Terry Killingsworth), first civilian dispatcher (daytime) for the Denton Police Department, sits at the dispatcher desk and looks at the camera. There are two maps of the City of Denton on the walls.
Date: 1959~

[Cleve B. Singleton]

Description: Head-and-shoulders portrait of Cleve B. Singleton, a City of Denton police officer.
Date: 1959~

[Doris Harvey]

Description: Photograph of a woman sitting behind a desk and holding - in her right hand - the 1941 Revised City Charter and Code of Ordinances for the City of Denton, Texas and - in her left hand - the a newly revised Code of Ordinances and Charter for the City of Denton. Another copy of the Ordinances Charter rests on the desk in front of her. An analog telephone and typewriter are located on side tables beside her. She is believed to be Doris Harvey. More boxes of the newly printed Code of Ordinances sit on a table to her right and left waiting to be delivered.
Date: May 8, 2007

[Johnny Brownrigg]

Description: Photograph of a City of Denton Police dispatcher Johnny Brownrigg at work showing equipment used. After civilian dispatchers were hired in October 1959, Officer Brownrigg returned to regular patrol.
Date: 1959~

Lyndon Johnson

Description: Lyndon Johnson, in a suit, standing beside a large sign which reads: "Site of the Nation's First Federal Underground Center, Denton, Texas." Opened in February 1964, this center ultimately became known as the "FEMA Region VI Federal Regional Center". It was the first protected underground federal regional emergency operating center built in the nation.
Date: September 29, 1959