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[Carolyn Janice Killingsworth]

Description: City of Denton employee Janice Carolyn Killingsworth (Mrs. Terry Killingsworth), first civilian dispatcher (daytime) for the Denton Police Department, sits at the dispatcher desk and looks at the camera. There are two maps of the City of Denton on the walls.
Date: 1959~

Lyndon Johnson

Description: Lyndon Johnson, in a suit, standing beside a large sign which reads: "Site of the Nation's First Federal Underground Center, Denton, Texas." Opened in February 1964, this center ultimately became known as the "FEMA Region VI Federal Regional Center". It was the first protected underground federal regional emergency operating center built in the nation.
Date: September 29, 1959

[Meeting of Denton City Councilmen]

Description: Photograph of a City of Denton officials and City Councilmen sitting around a table and looking over paperwork. Standing, Frank Barrow, mayor. To his right, Homer Bly, city manager. Next to Mr. Bly, Emery Taylor. To Mr. Barrows left is W.D. Buttrill, city secretary & tax assessor. On the far right is Tom Noel. The men are wearing suits and ties. A large aerial map is visible in the background.
Date: 1959/1960

[Scout Troop Calendar and Scrapbook Page]

Description: Calendar page labeled "November 1959" with handwritten notes regarding the activities of a Denton Girl Scout troop, including meetings on Tuesday and a "Play Day" on Saturday the 21st. The back of the page includes a handwritten description of the Play Day event and three photographs which show a large group of children playing various games outside several large, brick buildings on the North Texas State College campus.
Date: 1959-11~