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Sycamore Street Before Bridge

Description: Sycamore Street in anticipation of the construction of the Sycamore Street Bridge. The road has been blocked off, but construction on the bridge has not yet started. Homes line either side of Sycamore Street which recedes back into the image down the center of the frame.
Date: unknown

[Tank on Streets of Denton Square]

Description: This photograph was taken after the announcement of the end of World War I. Unidentified onlookers admire a tank on the northeast side of the square. The building in the background is the southeast corner of the square. It housed the First State Bank. This building was torn down circa 1959-1960.
Date: unknown

[Teacher's College Band in front of unidentified building]

Description: The North Texas Teacher's College Band is posed in front of an unidentified building. The members are wearing white uniforms and hats. A Denton Eagles insignia is shown on the left breast of the mens' blazers. The director is located at the far right of the group. The band includes woodwind and brass instruments. Three drums are also shown at the center of the group, and the bass drum reads "Teacher's College Band Denton Eagles."
Date: unknown

[Teacher's College Band on field]

Description: The North Texas State Teacher's College Marching Band stands in a square formation on a football field. The members are wearing white uniforms and hats. The American and Texan flag are being held by flag bearers. A boy stands in uniform in front of the formation.
Date: unknown

[Teachers' College Band on stage]

Description: The North Texas State Teachers' College Band poses on stage. The members are wearing white uniforms and hats. Some of the instruments include saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, and tuba. A boy in uniform sits on the edge of the stage in the front and center of the group.
Date: unknown

Technical Support Members of "All My Sons"

Description: Six members of the Technical Staff for the play "All My Sons," at the North Texas State College. The man standing at the back is Walter Wolfram of Amarillo. The four men in the middle row are from left-to-right: Jim Swain of Dallas, stage manager; Bob Athens; Ray Burchette, Jr., of Denison, Vice President of the NTSU College Players and a properties guy; and H. G. Wells of Tulia, also a properties person. The woman at the front is Pattie Bunch, of Corsicana, and her job was prompter.
Date: 1950-11-12?

Ten Men

Description: Group portrait of ten men in suits. Four men are identified as Sidney, T. Carroll (bottom row, middle), Monroe Davenport (bottom row, far right), Emory B. Peter (top row, 4th from left), Frank Erwin Piner (top row, fifth from left); the other six men are unidentified.
Date: 1901

[Ten Nights in a Bar Room, Courthouse]

Description: Article announces the presentation of Ten nights in a Bar Room at the Court House on April 10, 1878. The announcement also includes a cast of characters and synopsis of incidents throughout the play. Hon. Geo. Mellerch, Odd Fellow lecturer, opened the event. The Denton String Band furnished music. Given to the Emily Fowler Library by Gretna Cobbs Davis, a member of an early family of Denton. Her father, R. E. Cobbs, appeared in this home talent play in 1878.
Date: 1878-04-10?

[Terrill King]

Description: Photograph of Terrill King seated in a leather chair behind a desk. Several papers lie on the desk mat in front of him. A telephone, several pictures, and a typewriter are located on a desk against the wall. The man is wearing a suit and tie.
Date: unknown