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Morrison Milling Company

Description: Exterior view of the Morrison's Milling Company factory. The sign on the top of the factory reads: "Morrison's Peacemaker Flour."
Date: c. 1954
Creator: Carruth Studio
Item Type: Photograph

Mr. and Mrs. Will Williams

Description: Mr. and Mrs. Will Williams in formal wear standing outside of their home. A tree is on the right side in the background while a car is visible on the left.
Date: 1953
Item Type: Photograph

[Scout Troop Calendar and Scrapbook Page]

Description: Calendar page labeled "November 1959" with handwritten notes regarding the activities of a Denton Girl Scout troop, including meetings on Tuesday and a "Play Day" on Saturday the 21st. The back of the page includes a handwritten description of the Play Day event and three photographs which show a large group of children playing various games outside several large, brick buildings on the North Texas State College campus.
Date: 1959-11~
Item Type: Text

[Scrapbook Page: Brownie Investiture]

Description: Scrapbook page with information about the investiture ceremony held by Brownie Girl Scout Troop #74 in Denton, Texas. It includes a small newspaper clipping and a handwritten note discribing the event above a photograph of the girls. In the image, the girls are wearing their uniforms and are seated in a semi-circle in a classroom. Large posters with the Girl Scout and Brownie symbols are behind them and chalkboards are visible on the walls. A handwritten note at the bottom of the page identifies the girls, left to right: Darby, Jamie, Joyce, Dorothy, Adele, Linda, Patty, Debbie, and Debra.
Date: 1958~
Item Type: Text

Sherman Drive

Description: Sherman Drive at Locust looking east. Three automobiles are on the left side of the image on Sherman Drive driving towards the direction of the camera.
Date: c. 1955
Item Type: Photograph

Technical Support Members of "All My Sons"

Description: Six members of the Technical Staff for the play "All My Sons," at the North Texas State College. The man standing at the back is Walter Wolfram of Amarillo. The four men in the middle row are from left-to-right: Jim Swain of Dallas, stage manager; Bob Athens; Ray Burchette, Jr., of Denison, Vice President of the NTSU College Players and a properties guy; and H. G. Wells of Tulia, also a properties person. The woman at the front is Pattie Bunch, of Corsicana, and her job was prompter.
Date: 1950-11-12?
Item Type: Photograph

Three Cast Members of "You Touched Me"

Description: Three crew members of "You Touched Me," a play performed at the North Texas State College. An unknown man is center frame laying down on a couch while an unknown woman leans over him. Mary Haberger is standing behind the couch looking at the man on the couch.
Date: April 1950
Item Type: Photograph