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[Artists Painting on Ladder Scaffolding]

Description: Photograph of two artists standing on ladder scaffolding and painting over a Dr. Pepper-themed mural to restore it. They are standing on a flat, horizontal platform suspended on two A-frame ladders to work on the upper-left corner. Original artist C. B. Morgan is working on the white text and an unidentified artist just to his left is painting the outer yellow portion.
Date: November 1990

[Artists Reviewing Mural Restoration]

Description: Photograph of original artist, C. B. Morgan (left), and an unidentified artist standing at either end of a Dr. Pepper-themed mural, looking at their progress in restoring it. They are standing between the mural and a flat scaffold that is suspended between two A-frame ladders, with a third A-frame ladder nearby. At right, parts of a building and the bed of a pick-up truck are partially visible.
Date: November 1990
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