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[Hustlin' Heritage 75]

Description: This book includes a brief history of the town with pages devoted to individuals, organizations, and businesses.
Date: 1973
Creator: The Jubilee Book Committee
Item Type: Book

[Welcome to Hustlin' Hereford Brochure]

Description: This pamphlet gives a brief sketch of the city of Hereford, Texas with photographs, an introduction, and a 'Community Survey' that gives statistics on location, climate, population, transportation, major manufactururers, utilities, community facilities (including churches), schools, local governments, taxes, labor, agriculture, and industrial development.
Date: 1970
Creator: Deaf Smith County Chamber of Commerce
Item Type: Book

[Hereford Tornado]

Description: This booklet has a brief description of the damages caused by the tornado that hit Hereford, Texas on April 19, 1971, followed by photographs of the damage that occured throughout the town.
Date: 1971~
Creator: Waldrip, Mike
Item Type: Book

[Wheat Harvest at the Brown Farm]

Description: Photograph of Tommy Brown, Linda Brown, Eldred Brown, Maxine Brown, Floyd Brown, Dennis Brown, Elzora Brown, Sammy Brown, Roger Brown, Neal Smith, Earl Brown, and Earnest Brown standing in front of combines during the wheat harvest on the N. A. Brown family farm in Deaf Smith County, Texas.
Date: 1975
Creator: Bradly, Bill
Item Type: Photograph