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[Escarbada Outfit at Lunch]

Description: Photograph of the Escarbada Outfit, a division of the XIT Ranch, eating lunch. They are, from left to right, P. G. Omohundro, Charley Howard, Barrington Poynton, Watt Morris, Asher McCullough, and J. C. Tolman.
Date: December 1925
Creator: Utt, Ray

[Hereford High School Football Team]

Description: Photograph of the Hereford High School class B football team, the "Whitefaces". They were District 1 and 2 champions, undefeated in 1928-1929.
Date: 1929

[Hereford High School Scrapbook]

Description: Photograph of a collage in a 1926 scrapbook of the Hereford High School faculty with the inscriptions: "Riggs", "Brown", "Humble", and "Braselton" on the top row; "Williams", "Smith", "Darum", and "Kilgore" on the second row from the top; "Reed" and "Walters" on the third row from the top; and "Morgan", "Parmer", "Glenn", and "Axtell" on the bottom row. It also says "The faculty under which I graduated in 1926".
Date: 1926

[Early Firefighters in 1928]

Description: Photograph of early firefighters on their American la France pumper truck at the Hereford Fire Department in 1928.
Date: 1928

[St. Anthony's Catholic Church]

Description: Photograph of the exterior of St. Anthony's Church and School in Hereford, Texas, during the 1920s.
Date: 1927~
Creator: Bradly, Bill