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[East Lawther Entrance of White Rock Lake]
Photograph of the East Lawther entrance of White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. In the photograph, a car is traveling from right to left. Trees are visible on each side of the road.
[Fishers-White Rock Lake]
Photograph of Fishers-White Rock Lake. In the photograph, a man sits in a boat. A boy sits on the dock. The two are engaged in conversation.
[Monkey Cage at Marsalis Zoo]
Photograph of young people and children lining the sides of a cage where small, dark monkeys sit.
[Scene at Dallas Farmers Market]
Photograph of a scene at the Dallas Farmer's Market. In the photograph, crates are visible in a truck bed and stacked against a storefront. A sign for a poultry seller is partially visible.
[Skaters at Grauwyler Park]
Photograph of a line of young ladies skating on a concrete court.
[Square Dance at La Reunion Place]
Photograph of a square dance at La Reunion Place. In the photograph, individuals hold hands as they dance.
[White Rock Bathing Beach]
Photograph of a bathing beach at White Rock Lake. In the photograph, individuals in bathing suits lie on towels in a grassy area.
[White Rock Lake]
Photograph taken at White Rock Lake. In the photograph, the lake has dried up. A man is seated where a dock might otherwise be. A house is visible in the background.