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[Intelligence Report: Dallas Morning News Clipping, July 24, 1979
Intelligence report which includes a newspaper clipping from the Dallas Morning News. The article states that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby may not have been loners as the media portrayed them.
[Intelligence Report - Dallas Morning News Clipping, May 10, 1979]
Intelligence report containing a clipping from the Dallas Morning News dated May 10, 1979. The article is titled "Cuban rebels told ex-envoy of Oswald trip." The article discusses possible connections between Lee Harvey Oswald and Castro Cubans in Mexico City. There is a photo of Clare Boothe Luce on the second page of the article.
[Inventory by Marlin R. Price]
Inventory list by Marlin R. Price of incidents concerning John F. Kennedy, Officer J. D. Tippit, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby. The list was compiled on June 26, 1979.
[Request from House Select Committee, January 10, 1979]
Request from House Select Committee. Original note plus photocopy of daily assignment reports. "Put in Kennedy File" is written on top of the request in red ink.