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[Letter from Captain D. E. Walsh of Dallas, Texas Identification and Records to Spokane, Washington Sergeant of Police Walter A. Hogan - 1937/12/03]

Description: Letter from Captain D. E. Walsh of Identification and Records in Dallas, Texas to Sergeant Walter A. Hogan of the Spokane, Washington Police Department letting him know that he is enclosing a photograph and criminal record of Harvey Bailey. He also provides the city police numbers where information can be obtained regarding Albert Bates and George Kelley.
Date: December 3, 1937
Creator: Walsh, D. E.

[Letter from San Antonio Bureau of Identification Superintendent P. R. Halleron to Dallas, Texas Bureau of Identification Superintendent D. E. Walsh - 11/17/1933]

Description: Letter from P. R. Halleron, Superintendent of the San Antonio Bureau of Identification and Records to D. E. Walsh, Superintendent of the Identification Bureau in Dallas, Texas requesting a copy of the record and photo of Harvey J. Bailey.
Date: December 21, 1933
Creator: Halleron, P. R.