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[Pre-Package Co. Storefront]

Description: Photograph of a storefront for a pre-packaging company. In the photograph, an awning shades the sidewalk. Inside the storefront, packages and wooden crates are prepared for distribution. A man is in the process of walking down the sidewalk. He wears a white dress shirt and dark pants. ". . .n Pre-Package Co." is painted above the windows of the building, which are placed above the awning.
Date: July 28, 1959

[A.W. Cullum & Co. Loading Dock]

Description: Photograph of the A.W. Cullum & Co. loading dock in Dallas, Texas. In the photograph, a number of vehicles are parked near the dock. The loading dock is shaded by an awning, under which white cases are situated. "A. W. Cullom & Co." is painted onto the side of the building. A railroad crossing sign and railroad tracks are visible in the foreground.
Date: July 28, 1959
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)