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[Document Outlining Details of Bond Measures in St. Louis and Kansas City]
Loose document outlining various factors that may have affected the success of bonds passed in St. Louis, Missouri and the bond failure in Kansas City, which was research for similar projects in Dallas, Texas. The documentation includes a breakdown of bond costs and what they would fund; committee and campaign procedures; and voter information and city politics.
[Letter from Kansas City, Missouri Detective Lieutenant to Dallas, Texas Bureau of Identification Superintendent D. E. Walsh]
Letter from W. C. Gordon, Detective Lieutenant of the Identification Bureau in Kansas City, Missouri to D. E. Walsh, superintendent of the Identification Bureau in Dallas, Texas, thanking him for the picture of Clyde Barrow and his brother.
[Letters Sent to Jack Ruby in County Jail]
Photocopies of letters which were sent to Jack Ruby during his time at County Jail. The letters were written by citizens, many of whom express an interest in his well-being and spirituality.