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[Contact Sheet of Images in Dallas]

Description: Proof sheet for photographs taken of various buildings and parking lots along the Austin Street corridor in Dallas, Texas. According to accompanying information, images 0A through 7A are looking south from the El Centro walkway; images 8A through 13A are of the buildings on Elm, first east and then west of Austin Street; and several images are of the J.P. Awalt Building, looking southeast (17A-19A) and east (27A through 29A). Other photographs show the environs in various directions, taken fr… more
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Crane]

Description: Photograph of a crane lifting an object out of a pile of dirt and other objects, with several horse-drawn wagons nearby. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph identifies the location as an incinerator in South Dallas.
Date: 1928~
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