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[Aerial View of B.B. Owen Park and Surrounding Area]

Description: Photograph of B.B. Owen Park and its surrounding area in Dallas, Texas. The park is visible within a dotted orange line by the center of the photo. Another orange line marks a section of Dixon Branch, and a red line marks where Estate Lane would be. Below the park, a large residential area is visible, and empty land sits beyond Lyndon B Johnson Freeway above the park.
Date: 1982?
Creator: Haskins, Squire
Location: None

[Aerial View of City Hall Plaza]

Description: Photograph of City Hall Plaza and its direct surroundings in Dallas, Texas. The plaza consists of a curved parking lot, a large building, and an outdoor area with what appears to be a fountain. It is outlined by Canton Street, S Akard Street, Young Street, and Browder Street on its top, right, bottom, and left sides respectively.
Date: 1982
Location: None

[Aerial View of Cole Park and Surrounding Area]

Description: Photograph of Cole Park and its surrounding area in Dallas, Texas. The park, which contains a small building, a soccer field, and eight tennis courts, sits in the center of the picture, above Cole Avenue, to the right of Elizabeth Street, and below McKinney Avenue. Subdivisions containing buildings of varying sizes are visible above and below the park, and larger buildings are visible above U.S. Route 75, which runs horizontally across the top of the photograph.
Date: 1982
Location: None

[Customers at Produce Section]

Description: Photograph of a stall at the Farmers' Market in Dallas, Texas taken around the 1980s. There is a table at the front of the stall covered in boxes of various stacked vegetables with signs. Several customers are standing in front of the stall and one man is leaning across the table to buy something from the woman working at the stall. At the back of the stall, there are empty crates that have advertisements written on them. In the background of the photograph, other stalls and customers are v… more
Date: [1980..1989]
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)
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