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[Letter from Wharton County Sheriff to Dallas, Texas Bureau of Identification]

Description: Letter from Sheriff J. C. Willis of Wharton, Texas to all peace officers in the United States informing them of the arrest warrant placed for Clyde Champion Barrow, Raymond Hamilton and Bonnie Parker for the assault to murder of a deputy. He also provides a description of their getaway car and places where they may be hiding.
Date: unknown
Creator: Wharton (Tex.)

[Letter from W. M. Thompson of the Texas Prison System to Dallas, Texas Bureau of Identification Superintendent D. E. Walsh]

Description: Letter from W. M. Thompson, Chief of the Texas Prison System to D. E. Walsh of the Dallas Bureau of Identification where he apologizes for omitting a list of subjects who have an authorized leave of absence from prison. He also includes the status of Marvin Barrow and the date that Clyde Barrow was granted parole.
Date: unknown
Creator: Huntsville (Tex.)