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[Girl with Ribbons]
Photograph of a girl wearing two ribbons. She stands behind a table of produce at the Dallas Farmer's Market.
[Prize Winning Table]
Photograph of a prize winning table at the Dallas Farmer's Market. In the photograph, a girl sits behind a table over which a patterned tablecloth is laid. Cartons of vegetables are placed on the table. On either side of the girl are potted plants.
[Girl Showing Produce]
Photograph of a girl showing produce at the Dallas Farmer's Market. She stands behind a produce stand. A statue of a farmer is situated on the right.
[Two Girls Holding Melons]
Photograph of two girls holding melons at the Dallas Farmer's Market. Melons sit on the floor next to them. A man sits on a chair behind them.
[Child at Produce Stand]
Photograph of young adult standing at a produce stand.
[Riffe's Grocery and Market]
Photograph of the storefront for Riffe's Grocery and Market. Cylindrical parts are stacked against the storefront. A truck is parked against the sidewalk.
[Old Market Street]
Photograph of the old market street at the Dallas Farmer's Market. In the photograph, cars are parked against the street. Storefronts are visible on the left side.
[Hardies Fruits & Vegetables]
Photograph of the building for Hardie's Fruits & Vegetables. Crates are stacked against the front wall of the building. Another store is situated nearby.
[Stanley Wainwright Produce Company]
Photograph of the Stanley Wainwright Produce Company storefront. Boxes are stacked in front of the store.
[Letter to Henry Forschmidt from W. A. Donald]
Letter from W. A. Donald to Henry Forschmidt expressing thanks to the Michigan Blueberry Growers Association for moving a cultivated blueberry crop.