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[Scott Hood's Produce Display]

Description: Photograph of a produce display at the Dallas Farmers' Market in Dallas, Texas. The display includes a table draped with a patterned cloth and several baskets of fruit with labels. There is a young boy standing behind the table and a sign on the front of the display identifies him as Scott Hood. A seated woman is partially visible to the left of the display and there are parked cars directly behind them. In the background, there is a commercial building with several parked semi trucks.
Date: unknown
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)

[Award Ceremony]

Description: Photograph of an award ceremony. In the photograph, mayor Bob Folsom and an unidentified man present an award to Sherry Thompson. The unidentified man holds up a piece of paper. His left arm rests on Thompson's shoulder.
Date: July 19, 1976
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)