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[Intelligence Report by W. S. Biggio]

Description: Intelligence report by W. S. Biggio concerning an anonymous letter sent to the Dallas Police Department.
Date: November 30, 1970
Creator: Biggio, W. S.

[Letters from Edward F. Bray]

Description: Various letters from Edward F. Bray to Harry McCormick of the Dallas Morning News and Earl Warren of the Warren Commission. The correspondence is concerning threats against Governor John Connally by the Justice for the Crew of the Thresher, a group that Bray states planned an assassination.
Date: [1964-02-12..1964-07-11]
Creator: Bray, Edward F.

[Correspondence between Chief J. E. Curry and citizens]

Description: Various letters of correspondence between Chief J. E. Curry and citizens, regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy and related cases. The letters respond to questions, requests, and accusations about cases.
Date: [1964-01-27..1965-12-09]
Creator: Curry, Jesse E.

[Anonymous Letter to Chief of Police, October 20, 1964]

Description: Anonymous letter to the chief of police which reads: "Chief of Police, Dallas, Texas. The Warren Report is wrong 4 people were used to eliminte Kennedy 1 is dead - 3 live - Johnson knows 3 more 1< to go. - A friend of Lee Oswald."
Date: October 20, 1964
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Police Dept.

[Back Cover to Notebook]

Description: Back cover to bound notebook used to hold photocopies of letters mailed to Jack Ruby in jail.
Date: [1964..1978]
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Police Dept.