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[Dallas City Hall Building Contract]

Description: Legal contract describing work by an architectural company (C. D. Hill and Company) to furnish plans to the city of Dallas for a municipal building, to be located on Main Street between Harwood and Commerce streets, and to serve as the Dallas City Hall.
Date: January 22, 1913
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)
Item Type: Legal Document

[Excavation Well]

Description: Photograph of men working on excavating a well. The photograph was taken from above. Rock and rubble dominate the landscape.
Date: July 5, 1910
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)
Item Type: Photograph

[White Rock Creek Reservoir Sluice]

Description: Photograph of the White Rock Creek Reservoir Sluice. In the photograph, individuals stand in what appears to be a wire covered bridge. Handwritten note at bottom of photograph: "White Rock Creek Reservoir sluice. Reinforcement phase before concrete is poured. 6-15-10"
Date: June 15, 1910
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)
Item Type: Photograph

[White Rock Reservoir Sluice Box]

Description: Photograph of the sluice box at White Rock Reservoir. A pile of wood is visible in front of the box. A handwritten note on the photograph reads: "White Rock Reservoir south end of sluice box after forms had been removed 6-24-10."
Date: June 24, 1910
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)
Item Type: Photograph

Dallas City Park Board Annual Report: 1914-1915

Description: Annual report for 1914-1915 compiled by the Park Board regarding the park system in Dallas, Texas. The report includes overarching reviews of the system's status and future plans as well as commentaries on each individual park. Near the end of the report, there are financial statistics showing the amounts spent by the park funds on maintenance for each of the parks as well as sketched maps of selected parks. There are also facts about "Dallas, the City of the Hour."
Date: 1915
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Park Board.
Item Type: Book

[Dallas Park Board Minutes, Book 8]

Description: Minutes for the Dallas Park Board containing a record of the group's discussions, decisions, and other business.
Date: 1914/1936
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Park Department.
Item Type: Book

A City Plan for Dallas

Description: Report of the Park Board in Dallas, Texas, including the text of the proposed city plan, called the "Kessler Plan." The plan describes suggested changes to the city including building levees; creating a belt railroad; building a union station; creating freight terminals; organizing a civic center; eliminating railroad grade crossings in downtown districts; extending roads in downtown areas; building parks, parkways, and boulevards; and adding playgrounds throughout the city. The text includes accompanying drawings and illustrations. The fiscal report of the Park Board is included at the end of the book.
Date: 1911
Creator: Kessler, George E.
Item Type: Book