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[Winners at Farmer's Market]
Photograph of a young woman accepting an award at the Dallas Farmer's Market. The young woman, left, holds a prize ribbon. Women stand on the right.
[Woman Presenting Trophy]
Photograph of a woman presenting a trophy to a girl at the Dallas Farmer's Market. The woman wears a sailor style hat.
[Wooden Crates on Loading Dock]
Photograph of wooden crates stacked against the back wall of a building. In the photograph, a vehicle is backed up to the loading dock. A label on the vehicle reads "Spinach."
[Workers Sitting on Crates]
Photograph of workers sitting on crates at a loading dock for the Dallas Farmer's Market. Crates are stacked up in an open space in the wall and nearly touch the ceiling of the enclosure.
[Young Woman Accepting Award]
Photograph of a young woman accepting a ribbon and cash prize at the Dallas Farmer's Market. The young woman wears a patterned blouse and jeans. On the right stand adults who are in the process of congratulating her.
[Pre-Package Co. Storefront]
Photograph of a storefront for a pre-packaging company. In the photograph, an awning shades the sidewalk. Inside the storefront, packages and wooden crates are prepared for distribution. A man is in the process of walking down the sidewalk. He wears a white dress shirt and dark pants. ". . .n Pre-Package Co." is painted above the windows of the building, which are placed above the awning.
[Prestonwood Hotel and Rainbow Poultry & Eggs Storefront]
Photograph of the storefronts for the Prestonwood Hotel and Rainbow Poultry & Eggs. The storefronts are situated in a brick building on the right, where a man stands in a doorway. Cars are parked against the sidewalk. Large buildings are visible in the distance.
[Texas Produce Co. Storefront]
Photograph of the Texas Produce Co. storefront at 608 S. Pearl in Dallas, Texas. In the photograph, a set of stairs leads to a raised platform shaded by an awning. Cars are parked on the street to the right.
[Trophy Winners at Farmer's Market]
Photograph of a young man and woman holding trophies at the Dallas Farmer's Market. The woman, right, wears platform shoes and a sleeveless dress. The boy, left, wears a patterned shirt and light colored bell-bottoms.
[Young Winners at Dallas Farmer's Market]
Photograph of young individuals who have been awarded prizes at the Dallas Farmer's Market. In the photograph, a suited man stands with the young people as they hold their produce and prizes. Three individuals crouch in the front, while three others stand in the back. They wear bright colors.