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[Dallas City Charter, 1871]

Description: Original text of the charter to incorporate Dallas as a city of Texas, located in Dallas County. The document has 40 sections outlining the various aspects of governance and the city's relationship to the government of Texas. It was filed April 20, 1871 and officially signed and sealed by the Secretary of State on May 9.
Date: 1871
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)

Mayor's Message and Annual Reports of City Officers of the City of Dallas, Texas: For the Fiscal Year Ending April 15th, 1889

Description: Report on various aspects of the city of Dallas, Texas describing activities, funding, and other information for fiscal year 1888-1889, including an overall report from the mayor as well as departmental reports from the health officer, city chemist, chief of the fire department, superintendent fire alarm telegraph, city engineer, superintendent of waterworks, city recorder, city marshal, city collector, city treasurer, and city secretary. An index to the reports is on page 108.
Date: 1889
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)

[Dallas City Code]

Description: Text of laws in the city of Dallas, Texas, including standing rules, revised civil and criminal ordinances, and revised city ordinances. Most of the ordinances were enacted in 1889 with amendments in 1891 and 1893. Index to civil ordinances starts after page 296.
Date: 1893
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)

Charter of the City of Dallas

Description: Official copy of the text of Senate Bill 316, titled "An act to grant a new charter to the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas; repealing all laws or parts of laws in conflict herewith, and declaring an emergency." It includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the Texas Secretary of State.
Date: 1907
Creator: Texas. Legislature.

[Trinity River Flood Waters From Turtle Creek]

Description: Photograph of the Trinity River flood waters. The photograph is inside a black matte. Poles are jutting out of the water. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads: "Flood waters May 1908 M. K. + T. tracks and Alamo Street at Turtle Creek looking from Oak Lawn Ave towards the city."
Date: May 1908
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)

[Turtle Creek Pumping Station]

Description: Photograph of the Turtle Creek Pumping Station. The photograph, which is inside a white decorative matte, is washed out. A handwritten note on the back reads: "[Trinity River] Flood waters 1908 (May) old Turtle Creek pumping station in back ground."
Date: May 1908
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)