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[Turtle Creek Pumping Station]

Description: Photograph of the Turtle Creek Pumping Station. The photograph, which is inside a white decorative matte, is washed out. A handwritten note on the back reads: "[Trinity River] Flood waters 1908 (May) old Turtle Creek pumping station in back ground."
Date: May 1908
Creator: Dallas (Tex.)

[Fretz Park Soccer Champions of 1928]

Description: Photograph of two rows of young men on a soccer field. Their names, from first row left to right are Johnie Andersen, Sale Rothschild, Louis Sinclair, Houston Reynolds, Henry Wouldbright, and Ed Braedon. The second row is Jock Price, Tobie Pachgett, Boss Rodd, Woodrow Goodwin, Bert Carr, Bernold Rothschild, Elmer Cots, Boz Dreetar, and Richard Baldrig.
Date: 1928

[Photograph of a Crane]

Description: Photograph of a crane lifting an object out of a pile of dirt and other objects, with several horse-drawn wagons nearby. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph identifies the location as an incinerator in South Dallas.
Date: 1928~