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[Intelligence Report: Dallas Morning News Clipping, July 24, 1979
Intelligence report which includes a newspaper clipping from the Dallas Morning News. The article states that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby may not have been loners as the media portrayed them.
[Inventory by Marlin R. Price]
Inventory list by Marlin R. Price of incidents concerning John F. Kennedy, Officer J. D. Tippit, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby. The list was compiled on June 26, 1979.
[Female Contestant Awarded Fourth Place Ribbon]
Photograph of a female contestant awarded the fourth place ribbon at the Dallas Farmer's Market. In the photograph, she shakes hands with a man who hands her the award.
[People Gathering at Dallas Farmer's Market]
Photograph of people gathering at the Dallas Farmer's Market. In the photograph, individuals stand in a group. Many of them wear white. Cars are parked in the space behind them.
[Aerial Photograph of Dam]
Photograph of a dam taken from an aerial perspective. On reverse is a City of Dallas Official Staff Photo stamp.
[Intelligence Report - Dallas Morning News Clipping, May 10, 1979]
Intelligence report containing a clipping from the Dallas Morning News dated May 10, 1979. The article is titled "Cuban rebels told ex-envoy of Oswald trip." The article discusses possible connections between Lee Harvey Oswald and Castro Cubans in Mexico City. There is a photo of Clare Boothe Luce on the second page of the article.
[Request from House Select Committee, January 10, 1979]
Request from House Select Committee. Original note plus photocopy of daily assignment reports. "Put in Kennedy File" is written on top of the request in red ink.
[Photograph of Jerry Foote Welding at Flag Pole Hill]
Photograph of Jerry Foote, a park department employee, welding at Flag Pole Hill. In the background, four men are looking at the other end of the pole. Handwritten in pencil on the back is the employee's name and the date range.