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[Girl Receiving Award at Ceremony]
Photograph of a girl receiving award at a ceremony in the Dallas Farmer's Market.
[Pecan Seller's Storefront]
Photograph of a pecan seller's storefront at the Dallas Farmer's Market. The word "pecans" is painted vertically on the side of the storefront.
[Dallas Farmer's Market Storefront]
Photograph of the Dallas Farmer's Market storefront. Boxes are stacked against the storefront's wall.
[Workers Sitting on Crates]
Photograph of workers sitting on crates at a loading dock for the Dallas Farmer's Market. Crates are stacked up in an open space in the wall and nearly touch the ceiling of the enclosure.
[A.W. Cullum & Co. Loading Dock]
Photograph of the A.W. Cullum & Co. loading dock in Dallas, Texas. In the photograph, a number of vehicles are parked near the dock. The loading dock is shaded by an awning, under which white cases are situated. "A. W. Cullom & Co." is painted onto the side of the building. A railroad crossing sign and railroad tracks are visible in the foreground.
[Loading Dock]
Photograph of a loading dock covered with a canopy.
[Pre-Package Co. Storefront]
Photograph of a storefront for a pre-packaging company. In the photograph, an awning shades the sidewalk. Inside the storefront, packages and wooden crates are prepared for distribution. A man is in the process of walking down the sidewalk. He wears a white dress shirt and dark pants. ". . .n Pre-Package Co." is painted above the windows of the building, which are placed above the awning.
[Storefront Selling Watermelons and Pecans]
Photograph of a grocery market storefront which is selling watermelons and pecans.
[Prestonwood Hotel on Pearl Street]
Photograph of the Prestonwood Hotel on Pearl Street in Dallas, Texas. The building is brick and the sidewalk is shaded by an awning.
[Fain Produce, The Tomato House]
Photograph of storefronts for Fain Produce (The Tomato House) and the Leon Margules Produce storefront. A telephone booth is situated underneath the sign for Fain Produce. Cars are parked alongside the road.
[Poultry and Egg Storefronts]
Photograph of the Ablon Poultry & Egg Co. and 4-H Poultry & Egg Co. storefront.
[Ablon Poultry & Egg Co. Storefront]
Photograph of the Ablon Poultry & Egg Co. storefront. Crates are stacked within a mesh wire case. Cars are parked along the street.
[Arthur Miller Produce Storefront]
Photograph of the Arthur Miller Produce storefront. Bundles sit next to the building. Burt's Cafe can be seen in the distance.
[Cleaning Crew in Front of Produce Store]
Photograph of a cleaning crew sweeping street in front of a produce store. In the photograph, three men sweep the side of the street. A truck is parked next to them.
[Prestonwood Hotel on Pearl Street]
Photograph of the building in which the Prestonwood Hotel is located. The building is brick and has an awning over it. Wooden crates in the store to the left are protected by a lattice gate.
[Mustang Tomato Co.]
Photograph of the storefront for Mustang Tomato Co. An older man sits underneath an awning. A car is parked on next to the storefront. The doors and trunk are open.
[Girl Accepting Award at Farmer's Market]
Photograph of a young woman accepting a prize ribbon at the Dallas Farmer's Market. The young woman stands on the right as she holds the prize, which consists of some money and and a prize winner.
[Children Receiving Prizes]
Photograph of three children accepting prizes from an older woman at the Dallas Farmer's Market.