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[Report from T. A. Hutson to Chief J. E. Curry, concerning the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald #2]

Description: Report written by T. A. Hutson to Chief J. E. Curry concerning the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald. Hutson states that he was searching for the suspect who shot Officer J. D. Tippit when he proceeded to the Texas Theater. He describes locating Oswald in the theater and apprehending him from behind.
Date: December 3, 1963
Creator: Hutson, T. A.

[Magazine article by Saga Magazine Editor]

Description: Magazine article by Saga Magazine Editor, concerning the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the assassination of the President. The article claims that the F. B. I. failed to transmit information it had on Lee Harvey Oswald to the Secret Service and Dallas Police Department, and that information could have prevented the assassination.
Date: unknown