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Dallas City Park Board Annual Report: 1914-1915

Description: Annual report for 1914-1915 compiled by the Park Board regarding the park system in Dallas, Texas. The report includes overarching reviews of the system's status and future plans as well as commentaries on each individual park. Near the end of the report, there are financial statistics showing the amounts spent by the park funds on maintenance for each of the parks as well as sketched maps of selected parks. There are also facts about "Dallas, the City of the Hour."
Date: 1915
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Park Board.
Item Type: Book

[Document Outlining Details of Bond Measures in St. Louis and Kansas City]

Description: Loose document outlining various factors that may have affected the success of bonds passed in St. Louis, Missouri and the bond failure in Kansas City, which was research for similar projects in Dallas, Texas. The documentation includes a breakdown of bond costs and what they would fund; committee and campaign procedures; and voter information and city politics.
Date: 192u
Creator: [Kessler Plan Association]
Item Type: Text

[FBI Criminal Record for Juanita Dale Dabbs]

Description: Federal Bureau of Investigations criminal record for Juanita Dale Dabbs, also known as Candy Barr. Includes previous arrest information and alias names, as well as supplemental arrest information.
Date: February 25, 1958
Creator: United States. Federal Bureau of Investigations.
Item Type: Legal Document

The Kessler City Plan For Dallas: A Review of the Plan and Progress on its Accomplishment

Description: This pamphlet contains the reprints of twenty-three articles from The Dallas Morning News regarding the Kessler Plan for the city of Dallas, Texas and the progress that had been made over the fifteen years since its inception. The articles in order are: Article 1--Origin of the Plan; Article 2--Early Efforts at Civic Development; Article 3--Kessler Plan for All of the City; Article 4--The Trinity River Levee Plan; Article 5--Belt Line Railway Proposal; Article 6--Pacific Avenue Track Removal; Article 7--Street Widening and Extension; Article 8--The Supplemental Plan of 1920; Article 9--The Central Avenue Boulevard; Article 10--Lamar Street Trafficway; Article 11--St. Paul Street Improvements; Article 12--The Cadiz-Williams Proposal; Article 13--Downtown Street Extensions; Article 14--Oak Cliff Trafficways; Article 15 -- Beauty to Follow Utility; Article 16--Cooperation in Suburban Development; Article 17--Park and Parkway Plans; Article 18--Large vs. Small Parks; Article 19--Playgrounds Considered; Article 20--Inner and Outer Boulevards; Article 21--The Mill Creek Parkway; Article 22--Outer Parkway and White Rock Plans; Article 23--Financing the Plan.
Date: 1925
Creator: Head, Louis P.
Item Type: Pamphlet

[Letter from the Kessler Plan Association, January 19, 1926]

Description: Letter from John E. Surratt at the Kessler Plan Association to members of the Advertising League regarding ways that the special committee could help to promote the Kessler Plan Association's city plan for Dallas, Texas. The original letter included copies of maps and literature about the Kessler Plan.
Date: January 19, 1926
Creator: Kessler Plan Association
Item Type: Letter

[Newspaper Clipping about Candy Barr]

Description: Newspaper clipping about Juanita Dale Phillips, also known as Candy Barr. The headline is "15-Year Sentence Assessed Stripper In Narcotic Case."
Date: February 14, 1958
Creator: Dallas News
Item Type: Clipping

[Newspaper Clipping and Photograph of Candy Barr]

Description: Newspaper clipping and photograph of Juanita Dale Phillips, also known as Candy Barr. The clipping mentions her shooting, and the photograph has Candy in the center of the photograph with Abe Weinstein on the left and Detective F. R. Gaddy on the right.
Date: January 28, 1956
Creator: Dallas News
Item Type: Clipping

[Newspaper Clippings about Candy Barr]

Description: Newspaper clippings about Juanita Dale Phillips, also known as Candy Barr. The headlines are "Jury Selection In Candy Barr Trial Resumes" and "Leaves Jail Bars: Candy's Free On Appeal Bond."
Date: 1958-02-11/1958-03-04
Creator: Dallas Times Herald
Item Type: Clipping