DeWitt County Historical Commission

The DeWitt County Historical Commission (DWCHC) was organized to preserve, protect, and promote history within DeWitt County. It conducts programs related to the research and placement of historical markers according to State Commission guidelines. Working with the County Commissioner’s Court, the DWCHC recommends the acquisition of property, real or personal, which is of historical significance. In the interest of historical preservation, the DWCHC accepts artifacts and museum paraphernalia in the name of the Commissioner’s Court, and it strives to promote the programs of the Texas State Historical Commission whenever possible.

Major projects of the DWCHC, in addition to marker placement, include compiling the History of DeWitt County, supporting the DeWitt County Historical Museum, providing major fund raising support for the DeWitt County Courthouse restoration, establishing a Veteran’s Park dedicated to all veterans, establishing a Settler’s Park to honor early settlers of the county, and leading the County in a year long celebration of its 175 years. The DWCHC is in the process of creating an archive dedicated to research in a room assigned by the County Commissioner’s Court and located with the DWC Courthouse Annex.

The DWCHC appreciates the continuous support of the DWC Commissioner’s Court, the dedication of the past and present chairpersons who have provided tireless and diligent leadership, and the dedicated members who have kept the history of DeWitt County alive.

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