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[Armed Men]

Description: Photograph of eleven Mexican men with rifles propped up in their hands. There are two rifles propped up against each other, on the ground in front of the group of military personnel. The men are also wearing and holding belts lined with bullets.
Date: 191u

[Buffalo Bill]

Description: Copy negative of four men and a horse. Two of the men are W. F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill") and Charles Taylor. Three of the men are in uniform, standing under a tent awning. Cody is standing to the left of the tent and holding the reins of the horse.
Date: unknown

[Cavalry Parade]

Description: Photograph of U.S. Army Cavalry parading downtown EL Paso, Texas. There are hundreds of soldiers on horseback riding down San Francisco ST. Soldiers are wearing military uniforms and hats. A large crowd has gathered on the sidewalk to watch the soldiers. Telephone and light poles line the streets along with many American flags.
Date: 191u


Description: Photograph of a corral which is behind the Tivoli Cafe in Juarez, Chihuahua. The place was used by the Insurrectos. In the image are horses and a mule. The people are tying up their horses and moving toward the building in the distance.
Date: 191u

[Dead Body]

Description: Photograph of a dead man in a New Mexico desert. This unidentified man is laying next to a dead cow on the desert floor. There are two men on horse back looking down on the remains of the man.
Date: 191u