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[Ciudad Juarez]

Description: Photograph of Ciudad Juarez Mexico. This image is looking toward the Mission Guadalupe. There are many people walking down the street and wagons parked by buildings.
Date: 1909~

[Ciudad Juarez]

Description: Photograph of Ciudad Juarez, facing east. Several buildings, including Calle Commercio, are visible in the foreground.
Date: 1907~

[Dedication Of The Monument]

Description: Photograph of people celebrating the dedication of the Benito Juarez monument. There are many people standing around and dancing. The monument has a canopy around it that is providing shade for the people and the officials.
Date: 1909~

[Officers Row]

Description: Photograph of Officer's Row in Fort Bliss, Texas, and the Franklin Mountains behind the buildings. The foreground is a field with dry grass and a barbed wire fence.
Date: 1905~

[El Paso Military Institute]

Description: Photograph of El Paso Military Institute, a two-story concrete building with a classical-style pediment and columns hanging over the entrance. Uniformed cadets pose in front of the building with weapons and a U.S. flag. Mountains are visible in the background.
Date: 1906
Creator: Ponsford

[Street Scene in El Paso, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a street in El Paso, Texas. Various advertisements appear along billboards and the sides of buildings. A horse-drawn wagon can be seen to the left. Telegraph poles and lines crisscross the area.
Date: 1906~