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[Captain Lewis T. Morey and Friend #2]

Description: Photograph of Lewis T. Morey of the 10th Cavalry with an unidentified woman. The woman is wearing a light-colored dress and holding an umbrella in front of her; the Captain is wearing an Army-issued uniform. According to accompanying information, the Captain was wounded at the battle of Carrizal.
Date: 191u


Description: Copy negative of coffins of deceased American soldiers about to be shipped to hometowns. The coffins are sitting on top of crates. There is a wooden building behind the coffins.
Date: 1916~

[Derailed Train]

Description: Copy negative of a train derailment during the Mexican Revolution around 1911. There are several men surrounding the wreckage. According to accompanying information, the derailment was a result of an ambush by Francisco Villa's men.
Date: unknown

[Dinner Table with the Madero Family]

Description: Copy negative of a group of people around a dinner table in an ornately decorated dining room. According to accompanying information, the dinner shown was put on by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wells Brown for the Madero Family. Shown from left to right are an unidentified woman, Francisco I. Madero Jr., an unidentified woman, Francisco Madero Sr., an unidentified man, an unidentified woman, General Guisepe Garibaldi, Mrs. Sara Pérez de Madero (wife of Francisco Madero Jr.), an unidentified man, Gustavo Madero, Raúl Madero (standing), and Roque González Garza.
Date: unknown

[Madero Headquarters]

Description: Copy negative of the makeshift headquarters of General Francisco I. Madero. There is a large group of men and horses on the grounds. According to accompanying information, the headquarters were located near the Rio Grande in present day Asarco.
Date: unknown

[Troops on Patrol]

Description: Photograph of several troops patrolling near a peace grove on a sunny day. The troops are scattered throughout the area on horseback. A few troops are hiding under trees while the others are heading out of the grove.
Date: unknown