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[Artillery Salute for General Pershing]

Description: Photograph of soldiers firing wheeled artillery on an earthen field. Plumes of smoke rise behind the guns and partially obscure distant mountains. A caption on the reverse side of the photo indicates that the firing was a salute to visiting General John J. Pershing.
Date: February 2, 1920
Creator: Rhineheimer, Oscar

[Cafe and Gambling Hall]

Description: Photograph of a street corner. An arched entrance on the corner is labeled 'Tivoli Bar and Cafe.' A building visible to the right of the entrance is labeled 'Tivoli Hotel.' A man is walking across the street to meet another man sitting on the sidewalk next to a partially visible automobile.
Date: 1920~

[Carnegie Library Lobby]

Description: Photo of the front lobby of the El Paso Carnegie Library decorated for Christmas. A dark lacquered desk is on the right side of the photo, with an open door to the left. There are three archways with dark lacquered trim. There is a table with books in front of the archways, with Christmas decorations around it like a wreath and trees. People are sitting in the room beyond the archways reading newspapers.
Date: 1926-12~


Description: Photograph of seven DH-4 (De Havilland) airplanes flying over Fort Bliss, Texas. Below the planes, soldiers can be seen walking, riding, and standing as they watch the planes fly by. Military buildings and vehicles are seen scattered below on the ground. The Franklin Mountains are in the background. Information on the back of the photo states that the "Fly-By" over Fort Bliss was done in honor of General John J. Pershing's return to Fort Bliss after his service in World War I. The photo was taken from below the Officer's Club on February 2, 1920.
Date: February 2, 1920
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[General Pershing and Staff]

Description: Photograph of General John J. Pershing sitting atop a white horse and looking toward his five mounted staff members. Soldiers are visible in the background. The reverse side of the photograph states that Pershing was reviewing troops in El Paso, Texas.
Date: February 2, 1920
Creator: Rhineheimer, Oscar

[General Pershing in Formation]

Description: Photograph of General John J. Pershing and fellow army servicemen on horseback in formation. The group appears to be part of a presentation of some sort. In the background, automobiles are lined up from side to side, indicating Pershing and staff has an audience. In the far distance, the outline of the Franklin Mountains is visible. A note on the back of the photo states that this photo of Pershing was taken on his first visit to El Paso after WWI in 1920.
Date: 1920~
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[Images of El Paso Carnegie Library]

Description: Series of three photographs of the Carnegie Library in El Paso, Texas, which opened in 1904. The first image is of the front entrance, viewed from behind several shrubs; it is a two-story stone-and-brick building with stairs leading up to the entrance and classical-style architecture including Ionic columns. The text "Free Public Library" is in the stone above the entrance. In the middle image, labeled "circulation desk", a woman behind a long wooden desk is assisting a young woman; stairways and stacks are visible in the background, through tall arches. The bottom photo, labeled "second floor" shows a portion of the upper floor, including wooden railings around the walkway, doorways, and a light fixture on the ceiling; portions of the first floor arches and furniture are visible below.
Date: 1920~/1940~

[San Jacinto Plaza 3]

Description: Photograph of San Jacinto plaza from the street at a slightly elevated position. There are lush trees in the, buildings including "Crawford Theatre" and "Hotel Angelus" located in the background of the photo, and people are walking around the plaza and sitting on park benches.
Date: [1920..1939]