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[Dinner Table with the Madero Family]

Description: Copy negative of a group of people around a dinner table in an ornately decorated dining room. According to accompanying information, the dinner shown was put on by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wells Brown for the Madero Family. Shown from left to right are an unidentified woman, Francisco I. Madero Jr., an unidentified woman, Francisco Madero Sr., an unidentified man, an unidentified woman, General Guisepe Garibaldi, Mrs. Sara Pérez de Madero (wife of Francisco Madero Jr.), an unidentified man, Gustavo Madero, Raúl Madero (standing), and Roque González Garza.
Date: unknown

[Escontrías Print Company]

Description: Photograph of the inside of the Escontrías Print Company in El Paso, Texas. A balding middle-aged man leans against equipment to the left, another older man with a hat stands at a desk in the background, and a younger man smoking a pipe stands by shelves to the right. They are identified as Tony, "Dutch," and Lloyd Escontrías.
Date: unknown
Creator: Escontrías
Location Info:

[Fraternity Super Service Station]

Description: Photograph of a group of men standing in front of Fraternity Super (Pasotex) Service Station. The lightly hued building is adorned with Greek letters, a Hood Tires sign, and notices advertising restrooms for women. The men are standing around a car with white writing on its side related to the Texas Gamma Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity.
Date: unknown
Creator: Blumenthal, Harry