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[South Franklin Peak]

Description: Positive transparency of South Franklin Peak as seen from the east. The rocky mountainside is largely barren with only a few small patches of vegetation along its slope. A small drag mark extends up the peak near the center of the image.
Date: December 21, 1971

[Andreas Service Station & Garage]

Description: Photograph of Andreas Service Station & Garage in El Paso, Texas. Cars are parked roadside in front of the two white buildings that comprise the business. The building on the left has multiple vehicle entrances. The building on the right has fuel pumps under an awning.
Date: unknown
Creator: Blumenthal, Harry

[Area Around San Jacinto Plaza in El Paso, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a panoramic view of the area around San Jacinto Plaza in El Paso, Texas. Several large buildings surround the plaza, many of which are labeled on the photo. The plaza features a central enclosed lamppost surrounded by a radial walkway. People can be seen in and around the plaza, and several 1920s-era automobiles are parked nearby.
Date: unknown

[Armed Men]

Description: Photograph of eleven Mexican men. There are rifles leaning against each other in front of the group of military personnel posing. The men are also holding rifles and belts lined with bullets.
Date: 191u

[Asarco Structure]

Description: Photograph of an Asarco structure. The building has multiple stories, with stairways leading upward to the left. Two separate lengths of covered hallways or chutes lead from the main structure on the left to a narrow structure on the right.
Date: unknown
Creator: Escontrías

Boy Soldier

Description: Negative image of an adolescent Mexican boy wearing dark clothes, crossed bandoliers of ammunition, and a wide brimmed hat. Buildings, benches, and a group of people can be seen in the background.
Date: unknown

[Brazos Apartments in El Paso, Texas]

Description: Photograph of Brazos Apartments, a four-story brick and concrete building in El Paso, Texas. The building's facade has an arched entryway, two balconies, and a sign bearing the word "Brazos" under a flagpole. A handwritten note on the reverse side of the photo indicates that this was the first apartment building in El Paso.
Date: unknown
Creator: Ponsford
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