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[Wilmarth House in El Paso]

Description: Photograph of the Wilmarth house in El Paso, Texas. The building has a raised porch with a walkway, railing, and columns wrapped around the side of the house. The yard has bare dirt.
Date: 1905~
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[The White House Department Store]

Description: Photograph of the White House department store. The six-story building bends in the middle, and there are many windows along the front. Main columns extend along the height of the building. There are cars on the street below, and a horse-drawn buggy.
Date: 1912~
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[Ysleta High School Front Side]

Description: Photograph of the front side of Ysleta High School. The two-story, brick building has many windows all along the front, and small trees along the base of the exterior wall.
Date: unknown
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[The Wigwam Theater Remodeling]

Description: Photograph of remodeling in Wigwam Theater. The walls have an abstract, marble pattern. The room has a ticket booth in the middle, two double doors on the left and right of the ticket booth, mirrors on the left and right, a hanging light fixture, and an insignia of a Native-American man in the center of the floor.
Date: 1912
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[The White House Department Store in El Paso]

Description: Photograph of cars driving up and down the street in front of The White House in El Paso, Texas. A movie theater is to the left of the street, and other buildings are to the right. The marquee for the movie theater advertises a movie called, "Kismet." There is a traffic light on the left sidewalk, at the forefront of the picture.
Date: unknown

[Zach White School]

Description: Photograph of the Zach White school in El Paso, Texas. The one-story brick building has an archway leading to the entrance, a large wing off the back on the right side, and a small tree in the bare, dirt ground out front.
Date: 1929~
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[Small Girl Standing in Front of El Paso House]

Description: Photograph of a young girl standing on the steps of an unidentified house. The house has a gabled roof, with three chimneys on the left side. There are windows on the left side, and a small porch at the front. The area to the left is an unfinished lot of dirt.
Date: 1915~
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[Hotel Orndorff]

Description: Photograph of a mostly empty ball room in the Hotel Orndorff. There are dinner tables and chairs on the perimeter of the dance floor. Men in tuxedos are standing with instruments on a short stage at the far side of the room. Light fixtures are handing from the ceiling near ceiling beams.
Date: 1926~
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[Mills Building from Across San Jacinto Plaza]

Description: Photograph of people standing and sitting in front of the Mills Building, taken from across San Jacinto Plaza. There are trees bordering the lawn where the people are standing. The Mills Building has many tall windows that scale the height of the building.
Date: September 20, 1978
Creator: Binion, Charles

[Morse House]

Description: Photograph of the Morse house in El Paso, Texas. The bungalow-style house has a gabled roof, and there is a small porch with a half-sized wall blocking it off from the yard. The yard has stairs that move down past walls near the street.
Date: 1910~
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[Mortgage Investment Co. Front]

Description: Drawing of the front of the Mortgage Investment Co. The building has four tall, arched windows with an entrance door under the left most archway.
Date: 1930~
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[Nagley Apartments]

Description: Photograph of the Nagley Apartments on North Ochoa, a long flat building on slanted ground. The right and left sides of the building are symmetrical.
Date: unknown
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[El Paso Plaza Hotel]

Description: Photograph of the Plaza Hotel in downtown El Paso. Trees and and street poles in the foreground partially obscure the buildings in the background,
Date: unknown

[El Paso Park Walkway]

Description: Photograph of a park walkway in El Paso, Texas. People are sitting on benches near trees and lamps. A building lies just behind the trees.
Date: unknown

[El Paso Park]

Description: Photograph of two men standing in the middle of a park platform. Other people are sitting on benches under trees.
Date: unknown

[El Paso Theater]

Description: Photograph of a neighborhood with visible roofs of many buildings, and the El Paso Theater in the background.
Date: 1900/1910
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[El Paso Street]

Description: Photograph of El Paso Street with a dirt road, people, horses, carriages, adobe structures, a newspaper tree is on the left side of the photo, and what appears to be "Bank of El Paso" on the left behind the newspaper tree.
Date: unknown

[El Paso Square]

Description: Photograph of people sitting in a city square in El Paso, Texas. Buses and buildings are in the background, and park lamps are placed throughout the park.
Date: unknown

[El Paso Street Scene with Carriage and Steer]

Description: Photograph of a dirt street scene in El Paso, and there are steers pulling a cart with sticks of wood on the back. Along the roadside, there are signs that read, "Mundy Bros Market" and "Star Restaurant."
Date: 1885

[El Paso Street Corner]

Description: Photograph of a street corner in downtown El Paso. Many people are standing and sitting at a bus stop with nearby buses, and some people are crossing the street near stop lights. There are many tall buildings visible in the background.
Date: unknown

[EL Paso Vocational Building]

Description: Photograph of an El Paso vocational building. The building is sitting on a slanted hill, and the building itself has archway shaped windows at the top floor and a bell tower.
Date: 1925~
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.

[El Paso Train Station]

Description: Photograph of a railroad near a train station in El Paso, Texas. The station has a tall tower extending above it, and the railroad track has train cars on it.
Date: unknown
Creator: Aultman, Otis A.