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[El Paso Street]

Description: Photograph of El Paso Street with a dirt road, people, horses, carriages, adobe structures, a newspaper tree is on the left side of the photo, and what appears to be "Bank of El Paso" on the left behind the newspaper tree.
Date: unknown

[El Paso Street Corner]

Description: Photograph of a street corner in downtown El Paso. Many people are standing and sitting at a bus stop with nearby buses, and some people are crossing the street near stop lights. There are many tall buildings visible in the background.
Date: unknown

[Post Office Lobby, Looking Westward]

Description: Photograph of the United States Post Office in El Paso, Texas. It has two large archways with decorated metal grates inbetween them. The archways have two grated doors right next to them. The floor has a square pattern, and two small counters are equally spaced on the floor in front of the archways.
Date: July 2, 1919

[Post Office Looking North]

Description: Photograph of a post office with tall ionic columns in front of the entrance, and "United States Post Office" engraved above the columns. It has some minor work being done on the front. There is a landline pole on each post office corner, and a few other buildings.
Date: December 2, 1918

[Post Office Construction Site Looking Eastward]

Description: Photograph of the United States Post Office in El Paso, Texas. The building has bricks with many tall window slots on both visible sides. There are electrical wires strung across the top half of the picture, and bricks and rocks on the ground. Buildings are slightly visible just past the outer corners of the building.
Date: May 3, 1918

[Post Office Workroom Looking South East]

Description: Photograph of a room under construction in the El Paso post office. It has a large archway in the middle of the room with a decorated metal grate in the middle of it. It has support columns on the left and right sides of the room, with white walls and wooden floors. Supplies and wooden planks are laid in piles around the room.
Date: April 1, 1919