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[Myrtle Falls and Mattie Mae Falls]

Description: A photograph of six individuals, two of which are named by accompanying documentation. The girl on the extreme right is Mattie Mae Falls and the woman to her left (standing between Mattie and the other child) is Myrtle Falls. All individuals are dressed in white, formal dresses. Mattie Mae Falls is wearing a large white bow at the neck of her dress, while Myrtle Falls wears a set of light-rimmed glasses. The two named individuals are relatives of Jett (Johnny, Jetty) Falls.
Date: unknown

[Cara Landers]

Description: A small photograph of Cara Landers. She is wearing a white dress with lace at the sleeves. Text written on the back of the photograph identifies this individual as "one of the Hunt girls". A relative of Jett (Johnny, Jetty) Falls.
Date: unknown

[Home Service Memorial Pamphlet]

Description: This pamphlet describes the memorial service held by the First Baptist Church of Paris, TX to honor the soldiers from Lamar County who were killed during World War I. The front cover features text identifying the event to be held as a Home Service Memorial conducted by the American Red Cross "For the sons of Lamar County who have given their lives in service of their country" at the First Baptist Church of Paris, Texas on March 7th, 1919. The inside of the pamphlet contains a program guide to the memorial events, including a list of hymns to be sung and masses read, as well as an honor roll of the fallen soldiers for whom the memorial was conducted. Jett Falls name on the third page under the list of Honor Roll individuals, tenth from the top.
Date: March 7, 1919