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[John M. Moore Home in 1914]

Description: Photographic postcard of John M. Moore Home, 1914. Image shows two white rocking chairs at center of front porch. Windows are shuttered. Written in blue ink on back, "Wish you were here with us." Addressed to "Mr. Jno. M. Moore, Jr., 203 West 19th St., Austin, Texas." Green one cent stamp with George Washington, cancelled Richmond, May 24, 7:30 pm, 1914.
Date: 1914

[Jane Long Oil Portrait]

Description: Photograph of Jane Long Oil Portrait (see 1987.003), taken before painting was altered to make Long look young. In dark wooden oval frame with berry or nut and leaf motif applique at top, bottom, left, right.. Dates are derived from photographer's mark, Schlueter, who worked in the Houston and Fort Bend County areas in the 1910s.
Date: 1915

[Clara and Frank Maresh]

Description: Clara and Frank Maresh dressed in WWI Red Cross and Army uniforms for the funeral of their uncle Frank Maresh's funeral in Sealy, TX Clara is wearing a white dress with white nurse habit on her head. She is holding a white flag with cross on it. Frank is wearing a army uniform and is holding an American flag. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1918

[School children dressed in WWI Red Cross and Army uniforms]

Description: Studio portrait of school children dressed in WWI Red Cross and Army uniforms for the funeral of Frank Maresh in 1918. Maresh died in France shortly after WWI ended. His body was returned to Sealy and buried in the local cemetery. Children in front row are Clara and Frank Maresh, niece and nephew of Frank. Boy and girl in front row are each holding a flag (girl cross; boy American flag). Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1918

[Wedding portrait of Louis J. Maresh and Louise Mary Zapalac]

Description: Wedding portrait of Louis J. Maresh and Louise Mary Zapalac, 1910. Louis is wearing a dark suit with white shirt and tie. He has a flower pinned on his right lapel. He is holding Louise's hand in his right hand. Louise is wearing a white blouse with shirring at top and lace insets. The belted waist leads to the skirt which begins pleating at midway point of floor length. Bows and lace accent the pleating. Her veil has white floral at top and tulle falls to floor behind her. Zapalac designed and sewed wedding dresses as a young woman. Profits from her work reverted to her parents' store. Zapalac received portraits of the couple in their ensembles as her part of the payment. The Maresh family lived in Sealy until 1924, when they moved to FBC and bought a farm at the intersection of Harlem and Madden Roads (north of the prison farm). Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1910

[Full length portrait of Louise Mary Zapalac]

Description: Studio (full length) portrait of Louise Mary Zapalac, probably about the time of her marriage in 1910. Zapalac is wearing a white shirtwaist and a dark skirt. Louise has her dark hair parted in the center and pulled back into a bun. She has her left arm by her side (watch on wrist and ring on finger), and her right arm behind her. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1910

[Counter-mounted butcher paper cutter]

Description: Counter-mounted butcher paper cutter. Wooden dowel which held paper roll rests in u-shaped brackets at each end of cutter. Spring-loaded straightedge provides a tearing surface. Unit has holes in base for mounting to counter. Base is braced on one side with a flat metal strip (.5" x 24.4 "); other side is held by a piece of wire. Top of unit is made from a flat wooden bar. (a) is main part. (b) is wooden dowel.
Date: 1910

[Stove flue damper]

Description: Stove flue damper, pat. July 20, 1915. 11.8 cm diameter damper body with three oval holes. Handle is spring coiled. Body is cracked twice--once through "I" in "American" and once after "N" in "American." See 1999.008.014, 1999.008.016 for other examples of same model
Date: July 20, 1915

[Sheriff M.L. Woolley and family]

Description: Negative and copy print of Sheriff M.L. Woolley and family. Clockwise from Sheriff Woolley are: Bertha, W.P. (Willy), Lorena, Dee, Violet, Norma, Mrs. Woolley, Truman Bryan, M. Lafayette (Fay), Oma. Photo was taken while family was on vacation in Galveston.Mr. Woolley, who is wearing the dark suit, white shirt dark hat, has his left hand on Mrs. Woolley's shoulder. Mrs. Woolley is wearing a white dress with darker stripe throughout. The dress buttons down front to waist and has a v-neck with the contrasting color as a collar and trim. Mrs. Woolley is also wearing a dark hat. There is a sea backdrop behind the group. Group includes eleven people.
Date: 1913