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[Five men under Fig Trees]

Description: Postcard, five men under Fig Trees-Gulf Coast Belt. Two men standing, three men sitting under fig trees. Two wooden buildings in background.
Date: 1909

[Magnolia Figs - Gulf Coast Country]

Description: Postcard image of Magnolia Figs - Gulf Coast Country. Three men standing between rows of fig trees. Blank area in bottom, left corner.
Date: 1909

[Men in a Cotton Field]

Description: Postcard of a cotton field near Galveston, Texas. There are four African-American men harvesting cotton. There is a horse and buggy with male driver in background, and trees in distance.
Date: April 1, 1907

[Postcard image of the Brigham-San Jacinto Monument]

Description: Postcard image (souvenir) of the "Brigham-San Jacinto Monument, As seen at the unveiling on the 26 August, 1881, at the Pavilion, Galveston, Texas". Card has picture of the freestanding monument located in the interior of a building. Monument is draped by the U.S. and Texas flag on its right and left. A statue can be seen in background and a window (glare) above it. Wooden chair on far right.
Date: August 26, 1881

[Two young women with bob haircuts sitting on a driftwood log]

Description: Postcard image of two young women with bob haircuts sitting on a driftwood log in front of an ocean backdrop. Women are wearing dark swimsuits with a white "M" on the chest. Photo taken at Murdoch's Bath House in Galveston. Residue of back of photo suggests it was removed from a scrapbook (see 1998.025.043)
Date: unknown