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[Lee Quinn Nesbett]

Description: Photograph of Lee Quinn Nesbett sitting on the porch of Winston Bassett's home at 405 Liberty, Richmond, Texas. Nesbett has short dark hair and is wearing a light colored dress that has ruffled three-tiered hemline. She has her right elbow on her knee with her chin resting in the palm of her right hand. The porch has ornate posts that are painted in light and dark colors. Porch has railing with criss-cross and circle patterns between rails. Picket fence in background on far left. Identification on back of photo in pencil.
Date: 1917
Item Type: Photograph

[Rosenberg Public School students c. 1917]

Description: Photographic postcard of Rosenberg Public School students, ca. 1917. Four rows of students are standing in front of a white wooden building. Building has vines climbing up wall to far right of photo. Adult male standing on left of photo wearing a dark three-piece suit with white shirt.
Date: 1917
Item Type: Postcard