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[Display window of a business during World War II]

Description: Photograph taken by Leonard Tormey. Photograph shows a window of a business in the 900 block of Third Street. A project sponsored by the Lion's Club displayed pictures of those serving in World War II by 1942. The window of pictures has a banner at top that reads, "KEEP 'EM FLYING! LIONS INTERNATIONAL." Lions Club emblem pictured on banner.
Date: 1942

[Group of men at Travis Park]

Description: Photograph of a group of men identified on back in pencil as: Travis Park, (Dutch) Walter Luedecke, Jerry Humpola, Charlie Koupa, G. B. (Mutt) Lehmann, Mart Cole, and Dr. Wilbur Yates. In the background is a the Travis Park Pavilion (brick columns). Photograph may have been taken at the opening of the park. Photograph is a copy of a 9 in X 11 in taken by Leonard Tormey in 1942.(The two men on far right are shaking hands). Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1942

[Richmond High School building]

Description: Photograph of Richmond High School building (site of the present Jane Long Elementary School) as identified on back of photo in pencil. Photograph shows the three story brick building's northeast corner. Photo is not level and has a dark area in top right and bottom left corner (can also vaguely be seen at top left and bottom right, also). Stamped on back: 1942 Fox-Tone Trade Mark Fox Co. San Antonio, Texas.
Date: 1942

[Rosenberg in a "Black Out" during World War II, dimly lit night sky]

Description: Photograph taken by Leonard Tormey in 1942. Photograph was taken from the water tower of Rosenberg during the "Black Out" of World War II. May be pre-dawn because photo is a lighter and sky in lightening in background. R. B. Department Store is the two story brick building on left corner. Turicchi building across the street from R.B. Dept. Store. Cole Theatre tall white unique from can be visible and next to it to left is Schechter's.
Date: 1942

[Wade Phillips, Jack Phillips, Myrtle Phillips Gormey.]

Description: Photograph of Wade Phillips, Jack Phillips, Myrtle Phillips Gormey taken in 1942. Wade Phillips is wearing a white long sleeved shirt with tie, and dark pants. He has his left hand in his pants pocket and his right hand is at his back. Jack has gray hair and mustache and is wearing light colored pants and shirt. Gormey is wearing a short sleeved vee-neck striped dress with a belt at her waist. She has short wavy hair. She has a watch on her left wrist. An automobile can be seen behind the group. Trees in background. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1942