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[Carte de visite of Isaac Barber]

Description: Carte de visite of Isaac Barber found in book 1990.018.006. Half-portrait of Mr. And Mrs. Isaac Barber. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate. Back of photograph in pencil reads: Grampa & Gramma Barber.
Date: 1865
Item Type: Photograph

[Copy of an original tintype of Henrietta Moore.]

Description: Photograph is print copy of an original tintype of Henrietta Moore. She has dark hair parted in the middle with ribbons in the back. She is wearing dangling earrings in her ears. She has on a dark dress with lace trim at neckline and at wrists. She has on dark, lace gives.
Date: 1860
Item Type: Photograph

[J.H.P. Davis at the age of 16.]

Description: Photograph (copy) of J.H.P. Davis at the age of 16. Davis is wearing a three piece suit with white shirt and dark bow tie. He has his left hand (at chest) tucked in the inside of his vest. He has dark hair parted on the side.
Date: 1867
Item Type: Photograph

[John Ryon]

Description: Tintype of John Ryon, a member of Terry's Texas Rangers. Man with dark hair parted on his right side. He has a dark mustache and beard. He is wearing a dark suit with bow tie. Scanned image is of a copy of the tintype.
Date: 1869
Item Type: Photograph

[Terry's Texas Rangers, c. 1863]

Description: Photographic copy of daguerreotype of five of Terry's Texas Rangers, ca. 1863. All five men are wearing dark hats with a five pointed star pin at the front. Original image by Texas A&M University Archives.
Date: 1863
Item Type: Photograph