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[Alexander D. McNabb I]

Description: Photograph of "Alexander D. McNabb I, perhaps about 1885. Born May 4, 1854 and died February 20, 1911. He was the first child of John McNabb and Mary Smith McNabb. He is buried in Morton Cemetery in Richmond" as identified on back of photograph in pen. Photograph is of a young man with thin, dark hair and mustache. He is wearing a three piece (light colored) suit with different color (or perhaps fabric) trim on inside portion of lapel. He has on a white shirt and light colored bow tied tie. Photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate with " Cabinet Portrait. C.J. Wright. Houston" Printed in black at the bottom. The back of the cardboard is pink with multi-circular designs as background. Written in back under a drawing of a camera, paint palette, brushes in front of the sun and an emblem is: I HAVE ENGAGED THE SUN TO SHINE FOR ME. C. J. WRIGHT, HOUSTON, TEXAS. ALL NEGATIVES PRESERVED. Duplicates may be obtained at any time.
Date: 1885

[Carrie E. Secrest (Jeffries)]

Description: Photograph of Carrie E. Secrest (Jeffries), born February 15, 1865. This photo was taken when Carrie was 18 years old. She is the daughter of Felix G. & Martha Ann Secrest. Information was written on the back of the photo in blue ink. Carrie is wearing a dress with dark colors and insets of lighter colors with stripe. The dress has a jacket with dark trim. She is wearing a scarf with fringe at bottom and tied at the neckline. Carrie has a hat with light and dark colors and feathers on right. She has very long wavy hair that is braided into braid thrown over her right shoulder. She is seated in an upholstered chair and has her left arm resting on a tasseled arm of chair.
Date: 1883

[Charlie Anders, Joe Anders, John Baker, George Baker, Albert George, and Earl McFarland]

Description: Tintype image of six boys identified (from copy in George Family Archives) as: Charlie Anders, Joe Anders, John Baker, George Baker, Albert George, and Earl McFarland. Three boys in the front row are seated (the two on the left are wearing dark jackets and hats, all three are not wearing shoes.) The three boys in back row are standing (boy in center is wearing a dark vest, striped shirt, light hat).
Date: 1883

[Charlien Gloyd McNabb]

Description: Photograph of "Charlien Gloyd McNabb. Born September 27, 1868 and died June 10, 1929. Her maiden name was Charlien Clara Annie Gloyd. She was the only child of Carry A. Nation. This picture is a reproduction from the original picture made about 1886, estimated" as written on paper stapled to the inside of the folder. McNabb has long dark wavy hair that is loose and flowing down her sides. She is leaning against an ornate wooden structure that has printed fabric folded across it on the left. McNabb has her hands clasped and at her face. She is wearing a dark, long sleeved dress with high collar. A strip of white can be seen at the top of her collar. Photograph is enclosed in a gray folder and was placed in a framed matte.
Date: 1886

[Charlien McNabb with very long hair, daughter of Carry Nation.]

Description: Photograph of Charlien McNabb, daughter of Carry Nation. Charlien is wearing a dark dress with buttons down the front. The dress has a high collar with white inset. Her long wavy hair is draped down her sides and reaches to her knees when seated. She is seated in a chair and has her elbows resting on the arm of the chair. Her hands are brought up to her face. A length of floral patterned fabric is draped across the arm of the chair to the left of the photo. Portrait ends at the knee. The photograph is mounted on a tan cardboard substrate. Bottom of cardboard reads: DEANE. 306 PRESTON STREET, HOUSTON, TEXAS. Back of photo in pencil is written: Your loving Charlie to Uncle and Aunt Love (?).
Date: 1885

[Dominic and Anna (Marek) Kramr family]

Description: Photograph of Dominic and Anna (Marek) Kramr family in Fayette Co., TX, ca. 1887-1890. Top row: Joe, Francis, John, Dominic Jr., Annie. Bottom row: Mary, Anna (mother), Rudolf, Dominic (father), Frank, Louie. The Kramr family moved to Texas from Moravia in 1887. All of the people are wearing dark clothing. There is a porch with wood and wire railing of a house in the background. See accession file for supporting documents.
Date: 1888

[Dr. James A. Gibson, Jr.]

Description: Photograph (copy) of Dr. James A. Gibson, Jr. Gibson is wearing a military uniform with three rows of buttons down the front of his jacket. He has tassels on each shoulder. His cap has a two bayonets that crisscross as an emblem in the center. He has short trimmed hair and a mustache. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1880

[F.M.O. "Otis" Fenn.]

Description: Photograph (copy) of F.M.O. "Otis" Fenn. Fenn, who has dark curling hair, is wearing a dark jacket and vest with white shirt and black bow tie. He is standing next to a structure on which his right arm is resting. His left arm is on his left hip. A pocket watch chain can be seen hanging at his waist. Portrait ends near knees and has Fenn facing the right. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1881